What and Why
Why Box?
Boxing is a sport that provides an individual with many benefits and challenges. It has the potential to turn lives around. It helps to maintain focus and also can help to release built up anger and aggression. Out of the many benefits boxing can bring the greatest one would have to be the training and preparation needed to reach the fighting level. You don’t have to actually compete in order to gain the many benefits of boxing.
The Benefits of Boxing
The Ultimate Workout
A typical boxing training session stimulates all muscle groups. This workout provides a balanced combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The work out of a boxer can whip anyone into the best shape of their lives.

While mastering the basic boxing skills one also has to develop the stamina to survive three, three-minute rounds of sparring. The fighter needs to be well conditioned and have enough strength to throw powerful punches throughout the three rounds.

The boxing workout improves power, strength, coordination, endurance, aerobic and anaerobic fitness. The exercises that are pushed to benefit the fighter are the heavy bag, double-end bag, speed bag, and medicine ball workouts, jump roping, running and weight training.

Confidence Boost
Possessing the skills of looking after oneself can boost the fighter’s self-confidence level. A person who is confident with the ability to defend themselves physically will gain a psychological benefit of peace of mind and self-contentment. Most people would think that a boxer typically seeks out confrontations. In fact when a boxer’s skills and confidence levels increase they typically convey an inward belief that there is nothing to prove.

If the boxer is in a self-defense situation they will need to react fast and protect themselves. In this situation the boxer will be more proficient at trying to finish the fight quickly and cleanly. The determination of trying to finish the fight as quickly as possible comes from the heightened confidence level and skills.

Stress Relief
Boxing is a sport that can effectively release unhealthy emotions, such as stress, anger and aggression built up inside. It can turn these unhealthy emotions into motivation for increased health and well-being. The combination of aerobic work and strength training provides the best feeling of muscular pump and stimulating the cardiovascular system.

After a hard day, hitting the heavy bag for five to six three minute rounds can serve as an excellent stress relief. Concentrating on hitting the focus mitts with your trainer enhances the ability to relax. This helps the fighter to keep cool, calm and collected under pressure. This might help one to manage their life more efficiently.

The Ultimate Contest Between Two People
Boxing allows for a direct competitive experience between two people in a controlled setting. This gives the fighters an opportunity to show their skills. Depending on ones nature, this can be a great self-esteem boost.