Boxing Equipment
Training Equipment
You can purchase some of the equipment listed below and set up a home gym in your garage or basement, but without proper training you could injure yourself. You can also join a boxing gym which should have everything what you need.
Boxing Gloves

Heavy Bag
Striking bags that can weigh from 60 to 125 pounds develops stamina and strength, while simulating the feel of a live opponent. Bag gloves and/or hand wraps should also be worn to protect the hands while striking the bag. There are basically 3 types of bag filling, which also helps determine the weight. Regular-filled bags consist of a 1" closed-cell foam liner and shredded fiber filling. These bags are solid to the punch and hold their shape well. Soft-filled bags feature a softer 2" foam liner that is easier on the hands and joints. It has slightly more "give" than a regular-filled bag. The third option is a water-filled bags which are constructed of a heavy-duty, nylon-reinforced vinyl material that offers a unique feel and performance. These bags can be obtained with or without an additional foam liner, which provides a more uniform feel, but both give an extraordinary workout. The water-filling is easy on the hands and joints and helps to protect against injuries.

Punching Mitts
The closest thing that a coach can get to providing his student with an opponent, without having to put on a headgear and gloves. With Punch Mitts a coach can teach his boxer specific combinations, play out virtual ring scenarios, concentrate on his boxer's strengths and work on his weaknesses. Lighter, more compact mitts are best to use with lighter weight boxers who have fast hands and throw multi punch combinations. Larger, thicker, more impact resistant mitts are easier on a coach who works with heavyweights. A lot of mitt work can be damaging to a coach's joints if he doesn't choose mitts that fit well and feel good to use.

Double End Bag
The Double End bag is a great, all-around bag for developing quick reflexes and elusive defensive skills. Speed Bags and Double End Bags are great for developing hand/eye coordination. This bag is hooked up by two thin elastic ropes to the gym's ceiling and floor. Made of leather, with an inner bladder filled with air, and available in various sizes depending on your workout needs. (smaller bags go faster)

Speed Bag
Used to help develop faster reaction time, hand-eye coordination and shoulder stamina to keep the arms up in the ready position. Made of leather, with an inner bladder filled with air, and available in various sizes depending on your workout needs. (smaller bags go faster) The speed bag can be intimidating but is lots of fun and looks impressive when it's finally mastered.

Medicine Ball
A medicine ball is a heavy ball, roughly the size of a volleyball. Often used for rehabilition and strength training, Medicine balls are usually sold as 8 lb., 10 lb. or 12 lb. balls and are used effectively in plyometric weight training to increase explosive power. They are used by boxers to improve the strength of stomach muscles, by a coach or trainer dropping the ball from a certain height onto the stomach of the boxer, simulating a punch coming from an opponent.They are also extensively used as a fitness aid, by lifting the ball, or performing different exercises (such as sit ups and leg raises) with the ball incorporated to increase the strain on a particular muscle.