Boxing Equipment
Miscellaneous Equipment
The equipment listed on this page refers to some of the equipment you don't really need unless your in competition. Also some equipment your trainer/coach should have in your corner.

Boxing Ring
All boxing matches take place in a ring, an enclosed area for the boxers to fight. The ring is a raised platform surrounded by three ropes supported by posts in each corner. The floor is covered in canvas and padded for traction and to protect the boxers head in cause of a fall or knockout. A boxing ring is a square that measures 18 to 24 ft on each side. A fighter returns to a specific corner after each round and their opponent returns to the corner diagonally across from theirs. The empty corners are known as neutral corners.

Tape is used by the trainer to keep the laces of the gloves from becoming loose. In an actual boxing match all boxers have to use laced gloves, no Velcro. The tape is repeatedly wrapped around the end of the glove to keep the end of the laces locked away. The wrapping of the tape also helps to keep the glove in place.

Ice bag
A waterproof bag that is filled with ice and is applied to the head or other parts of the body. The cornerman uses this to cool the boxers body down. He can also use this to help keep the swelling down.

Petroleum Jelly
It's rubbed on the face of a boxer and is used by the cutman to put on cuts. The petroleum jelly makes the skin more slippery. It minimizes the effect of a punch which barely grazes you making the skin less likely to tear or cut. When a cut occurs the cutman uses a Q-tip to apply pressure to the cut and then puts the jelly over the cut which helps reduce or stop the bleeding.

An Enswell is a piece of aluminum (3 inch x 2 inch). It is kept in a bucket of ice and is used by the cutman to help reduce the swelling around the eyes. Swelling is usually connected with facial hematomas, which means there was a break in a blood vessel and that the swell is now filled with blood. When using an enswell you never want to push on the area to hard or try to move the swelling away from the eye because it can actually cause more damage. It could break another blood vessel and could leave the boxer with a bigger swollen area and could also cause more bleeding.