Boxing Equipment
Boxer's Equipment
It is important that you invest in solid, durable boxing equipment that will protect you and your opponent while you train.

There are many bones in the hand, and striking surfaces without proper technique and equipment can cause serious hand injuries. Handwraps help protect the bones and tendons in your hands and help keep your knuckles from chafing inside the boxing gloves. In addition, they will help support your wrist and thumb. They should securely support the hand. Take care in not wrapping your hands too tight or you will cut off circulation. Length, width and material should conform to event regulations. It is important that you always wrap your hands before working out or boxing.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves
Boxing Gloves are heavily padded leather gloves and are laced up around the wrist. A fighter is required to wear the gloves for fighting, sparring and training. The gloves are built to protect the boxers hands and to soften the impact of the blow. The hands are wrapped before the gloves go on for extra protection. There are pro boxing, training, and bag gloves. Correctly fitted gloves should be snug but comfortable. The long laces should be securely tied (but not too tightly!) with the extra lacing wrapped around the gloves at the wrist.

The mouthpiece is worn to protect the inside of the cheeks and lips from getting cut by the teeth when a hard punch is thrown to the face. It also helps to lock the top and bottom jaws together to prevent damage to the jaw. The two most important characteristics of the mouthpiece are that it is comfortable to wear and that it stays in place well. The mouthpiece should be worn for both sparring and competition. Do not settle for the cheapest mouthpiece you can find.

No-Foul Protector (Groin protection)
It is required when sparring or in competition. Helps protect boxers from accidental punches to the groin area. Usually made from leather and high-density shock absorbing foam that helps to cushion the impact. It should fit properly and not hinder movement. Women are not required to wear one.

Boxing Shoes
Compared to sneakers, a good pair of boxing shoes are lighter, leather soled and provide superior ankle support. Boxing in regular sneakers makes it more awkward to move about the ring, puts you at risk of fatiguing your legs more rapidly and increases the likelihood of ankle injuries.

Headgear is worn to protect boxers from soft tissue damage, cuts, and bruises during sparring and it is also used in competition in amateur boxing. Head gear offers no protection from the effects of hard punches. It is important that boxers are aware of this, otherwise headgear can produce a false sense of security leading a boxer to take punches rather than defend himself or herself. Headgear does not sufficiently protect the brain from the jarring that occurs when the head is struck with great force. Also, most boxers aim for the chin on opponents, and the chin is usually not padded. Thus, a power punch can do a lot of damage to a boxer, and even a jab that connects to the chin can cause damage, regardless of whether or not headgear is being utilized.

Female Chest Guards

Chest Guards (Breast Protectors)
Helps protect women from long-term damage of repeated punches to the chest. Usually the chest guard is a sports bra with removable breast cups worn under the women's shirt. Women are not required to wear breast protection.